Our Missions

Our Missions

Mission 1

Our Founder/CEO came to USA for studying Master’s In Computer Science. While he was back in his home country he was thinking USA is a land of opportunity, he will get Internship/Job as soon as University allows. He starts searching for a Job 6 months before he is qulifies and reality hits. He was facing too many issues at same time Culture Change, Language Change etc.

Our CEO decide to help international students, recent graduates like him to make sure they land a job in most affortable way. He developed business model such a way that Recent Graduates do not have to pay a penny till he/she gets a Job.

This company is backed by inverstors who are patient and belives in our CEO mission. This is why we are able to provide our Incubator program for FREE till you get a job.

Mission 2

Believe it or not there will be a millions of Job will disappear becasue of Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning and all the technology innovation. Technology advancing so fast that even Government will have no idea of what to do with this big unemployment. Arguably greatest innvator all time Elon Musk has warned goverment so many times about this advancment of technology.

Our Founder/CEO started this innovative company with mission to help people learn IT skills to keep up with advancing economy. In this technology world people have to learn coding to make a good living.

Learning to code is very costly right now. Our CEO wants make it so affortable that anyone and everyone can live good life by leaning on demand IT skills.