Unique Mentoring

Unique Mentoring

How will a mentor help you?

One simple line if Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t had a right mentors at right time there woudn’t be Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

 Mentorship is the only single thing matters most aprt from technical skills to land a best possible job in IT Industry.

Mentorship is must needed human interaction which is needed while you are looking for a job or changing of a carrier There are some questions that Google cannot answer but mentor can.

Dont take our words for power of mentoring. Looks at this stats

20%  more likely to get a raise (Source: Forbes)

6x  more likely to get a promotion (Source: Forbes)

Choose a right carrer path

  • Disucss your past career
  • Choose a right next path
  • Choose right program for you

Stay on track

  • Finish cource on time
  • Mentors will help you to stay on track
  • Help with execution

Job search

  • Prepare best resume and much more
  • Land job faster
  • Get advice whenever needed

Post Getting Job

  • How to be succefull at job
  • Get career advice
  • Learn next big thing

How will our mentors help International students?

30% of internation students goes back to their contry against their will becasue they don’t have proper mentorship.

Work while you are CPT

Students miss big oppertunity to work while they are studying. Work with our metors to know how to work on CPT.

US Culture

You need to be ready when you go work for company. Our mentors helps you to understand US culture to be sucessful at job.

Immigration mentoring

Work with our immigration mentors to understands laws and stay compliant while you work. Stay in this contry lawfully as long as you want

Home away home

Consider us family while you are away from your family. Our mentors help you stay motivated.